As more and more companies experience cyber security breaches and attacks, the importance of keeping your data secure is clearer than ever.

To help reduce data breaches, businesses now face huge fines – not to mention disruption, loss of custom and loss of reputation – for failing to protect their data. The most current legislation is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into forces on 25th May 2018.

This even applies to the disposal of your unwanted IT equipment. If it isn’t processed properly, your clients’ confidential data could easily fall into the wrong hands.

We hold Buy avodart online australia from the BSI, which recognises our rigorous approach to data protection.

On-site hard drive destruction

In some situations, the best option is to wipe old hard drives using specialist software.

At PC4 Recycling, we use YouWipe, which is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre and used by GCHQ. This process erases your data by rewriting over it seven times. It has become one of the world’s most common and trusted methods for erasing data.

However, for hard drives that can’t be wiped, or for businesses that want extra peace of mind, we also offer on-site destruction.

Hard drive punching (on- or off-site)

Using DestroyIT HDD technology, we can quickly destroy your hard drives either on your site or at our secure facility.

We use specialist punching equipment that uses three tonnes of force to punch a hole through your hard drive and render it useless.

Quick and easy, the machine will permanently damage your hard drive and destroy your data within 15 seconds. We complete this process in front of you to give you visual confirmation that your data is gone.

Once your hard drives have been destroyed, they can be safely stripped down for their materials to be Flagyl buy uk.



Mobile hard drive shredding service

Sometimes sensitive data simply cannot leave your business and must be destroyed on site, in sight of your team. If you are looking for an even higher security data management option, then our secure mobile shredding service is ideal for:

  • Highly sensitive data needing physical destruction to guarantee complete brand security
  • Tight data security requirements where reuse of your equipment is not possible and physical destruction on site is required
  • Prototypes that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands
  • Intellectual property security
  • Solid State Memory and non-magnetic storage devices such as DVDs where data destruction can only be guaranteed with shredding

We can shred items to 6mm, 15mm or 30mm, as well as providing you with instant asset tracking and reporting. This ensures that your data is completely destroyed. We are then able to recycle the waste materials without any risk.

The shredding unit uses the most secure and efficient technology available, keeping your costs and risk low. It is self-contained and easily fits into our non-liveried vans so that it can be taken to and used at any site in the UK. A member of your team can be present to watch each item being destroyed.

We can also collect your hard drives for shredding at our secure facility if on-site destruction isn’t required.


Ask us for a quote for the following services:

  • Hard Drive Punched off-site
  • Hard drive punched on-site
  • Hard drive shredded off-site 30mm
  • Hard drive shredded on-site 30mm
  • Hard drive shredded off-site 15mm
  • Hard drive shredded on-site 15mm
  • Hard drive shredded off-site 6mm
  • Hard drive shredded on-site 6mm
Our hard drive destruction services are:

Easy to use

We take care of everything so you don’t have to. At PC4, you can guarantee your hard drives are in the right hands.


We will ensure that your data is completely destroyed before your equipment is Coupon for lexapro generic or How much does generic flagyl cost. If your hard drives do leave your site, they will be taken to Ou acheter xenical au quebec in tracked vans using background-checked drivers.


We also ensure that your business complies fully with current legislation, making sure you avoid costly fines. You will be given electronic copies of the appropriate certification.

Find out more about our Hard Drive Destruction services

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