What happens to the computers you collect?

The computers follow the following process:

Collection – Transportation to facility – Testing – Recycled or Reused

We aim to reuse all working components of a computer although sometimes they have to be recycled.  Computers that are suitable for reuse will be sold and the salvageable parts are used to refurbish other computers. Anything that is sent for recycling is done so within the UK.

If you have any further questions about what happens to your collection please call us on 01773 746749

What happens to my data?

The security of your data and software are paramount and PC4 Recycling want to ensure that it cannot be recovered if the equipment is reused.

All the hard drives we receive are wiped securely using Blancco HMG InfoSec Standard No.5, which is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Do you take other electrical equipment?

Due to the high disposal costs of electrical items, we cannot accept the following items:

Water Coolers
Hifi or radios
Video Recorders

How do I pay for collection?

Payment is accepted in following formats:

  • Cheque
  • Postal Order
  • Invoice
  • BACS

Cheques can be given to the driver upon collection.

Do you issue data destruction certification?

Our services, such as Blancco, provide a 100% tamper-proof audit trail to ensure full compliance.

Can you log the asset tags for all the items you collect?

Asset Tag logging is a service we offer, please select this as an option when booking your collection.

What constitutes hazardous and non-hazardous waste?

CRT & TFT (flat panel) monitors, laptop screens with fluorescent tubes are classified as hazardous waste, screens with LED backlights are non-hazardous. All other equipment can be classified as non-hazardous waste.

Do you offer a yearly contract payment option?

Yes. To our knowledge, we’re one of a few IT recycling companies to offer a yearly contract for businesses that would prefer to pay a single fixed fee for multiple collections throughout the year. This is ideal for businesses with a high turnover of IT equipment.

Whatever your needs, we’ll always give you a clear quote that reflects the level of service required.

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