IT Recycling

Our IT recycling service puts your electrical equipment in safe and secure hands, ensuring that every single part of it is reused or recycled.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Our DestroyIT HDD technology punches a hole through your hard drive to render it useless. A mobile shredding service is also available.

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Data Wiping Services

Our data wiping services destroy all your data securely, ensuring that your IT waste is disposed of safely and legally.

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IT Resale

With our IT re-marketing processes PC4 Recycling can make substantial annual savings by reselling your redundant IT assets.

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WEEE Compliance

Registered with the Environmental Agency, our IT waste recycling services comply fully with the WEEE directive and all current legislation.

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Reuse IT

Our reuse IT service saves as much of your old equipment as possible, which is then rebuilt and refurbished back to working order.

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Yearly Contract

Unlimited collections with all of our yearly contract options, we will collect your IT equipment from up to three locations within the UK.

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