Computer Recycling and Disposal Service

We are an affordable and reliable computer recycling and disposal service- we remove your unwanted and out-dated PCs at competitive prices. Your old computer will either be recycled or destroyed, depending on its age and condition. We can ascertain this for you if necessary. PC4 Recylcling offers an environmentally-friendly computer disposal service to London and the surrounding areas. Our customers are at our core- and we believe that hardware disposal should be a quick, painless task!

What’s included?

We offer free collection and basic data wiping as standard. For peace of mind, we can also destroy your hardware on-site; ensuring your old data’s destruction. Who doesn’t want to watch their old computer get destroyed? The bins we store your old hardware in are highly secure, and you can feel safe in knowing that your personal data is protected. We also offer a total data wiping service- ensuring that any PC recycling will not compromise your sensitive documents.

The best price in London

We will hands-down guarantee to match (or beat!) a quote from any other London-based computer disposal service. It’s as simple as that! Our regular pricing structure is also incredibly simple and easy to understand. You will know exactly what service you’re getting for the price you’re paying. You can tailor our packages to suit your needs. Not sure if your old PC is recyclable? A member of our team will advise you on the best action to take. At the end of the day- everything is still disposable!

More reasons to choose us

Our PC disposals are environmentally-friendly, which is more than can be said for some other companies! All of our computer recycling takes place locally, within the UK. We never export your parts. This contributes to the local economy, and keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum. Speaking of carbon footprints- our headquarters is located in Nottinghamshire- at the heart of the midlands. This central location allows our drivers to cover all of the UK in the least possible distance- further decreasing our CO2 emissions.

You can feel secure

All of our removal trucks are equipped with the latest in Tom Tom GPS technology. Should there be any issues that come up- we will know immediately where the relevant driver is and will be able to contact them immediately. We track your hardware’s movements from start to finish.

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