We take your data security seriously, even when it’s on the road.

Our fleet is tracked with:

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All of our IT removal trucks are equipped with the latest in TomTom GPS technology. This means that we can see exactly where your IT equipment and data is at any given time. We can see if a driver has to stop for any reason, the route they’re taking and more. Should there be any issues that come up, we will know where the relevant driver is and will be able to contact them immediately.

Knowing that we will track your hardware’s movements from start to finish means that you can have complete peace of mind about your data security, even when your equipment is in transit.

Our vans are subtly branded to make them recognisable to you when they arrive to collect your hardware but there is nothing on the livery to indicate that computer equipment or data is being transported.

All of our drivers are CRB checked.

Our goal is to provide you with total peace of mind while massively reducing recycling costs & making computer recycling easy.

Our Aims

Providing a safe, secure and environmentally friendly service to each and every client.

Reducing the amount of IT equipment that ends up in landfills by continuously improving our services and reaching new clients.

Delivering a complete recycling solution for domestic, commercial and corporate companies.

Keep up with our latest news, including details of e-waste & data legislation that could affect your business.