So have you ever wondered what 1.9 Tonnes of e-waste looks like?


Well neither had I but today I found out!

When I came across Canadian photographer Ben Wong’s e-waste project. Ben and his team took 4100 lbs (1.9 Tonnes for those of us using the metric system) of e-waste and turned it into three incredible sets that really inspire you to recycle.

One particular sentence in Bens behind the scenes blog really resonated with me “Unfortunately, e-waste doesn’t make for very interesting dinner conversation. I wanted to change that”. Our biggest challenge is getting people be it individuals, small family run organisations or large corporations to see the value in recycling their e-waste. To do our bit to raise awareness of the importance of recycling e-waste we are setting up a free drop off service at our facility, anyone can bring in their unwanted phone, gaming device, PC or kettle and we will do the rest. The first 1000 people that recycle their e-waste, take a photo and post it online using the #RethinkRecycleRevive will receive a free giveaway from VonWong.  See the link below to the e-waste I found lying around my house.

The 1.9 Tonnes that Ben and his team worked with is approximately the total amount of  e-waste an American gets through in their lifetime (Nat Geo), this really shows the scale of the e-waste issue. This made me wonder how much e-waste the UK is getting throughWell compared to America we generate much less e-waste however they have a greater population at us, so I looked at step’s e-waste world map and took two countries with a population closer to ours. The graphic below shows how we fare against Italy and France.

As you can see we aren’t a million miles behind France and Italy but they both generated less e-waste than the UK in 2014. These figures alone mean very little so watch out for my data analyse article in the coming weeks that will go into more detail on how these countries are generating less e-waste.

Heres the e-waste I found lying around my house, upload your to any of our social media pages.

All images belong to Ben Wong at VongWong.



















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